I, the paying customer (Parent or Guardian if the students is under the age of 18 years of age) hereby agree to the terms and conditions below.

I agree to supply true and correct information that is not false or misleading.

I accept that all term dance & costume fees will be paid via an automatic direct debit payment plan from your nominated financial account. Dance Force uses a Third Party Company, Ezidebit Pty Ltd.

I accept that any other fees will be scheduled as a direct debit payment from your nominated financial account with a minimum of 7 days’ notice.  A tax invoice, the amount(s) & the processing date(s) will be sent via email. The transaction(s) will be processed via Ezidebit Pty Ltd.

I accept that any unpaid balance of fees will still remain due. Debt collection activities may include legal action and incurring charges and registering any default with a credit rating provider.

I accept that, no refunds are given for missed dance classes under any circumstances.

I accept that dance class fees are charged out by term. If you choose to discontinue any class part way through a term, the dance class fee is not refundable & any outstanding balance for that dance class fee will remain due.

I agree to provide notification via email of any class cancellation, class changes or contact information to the account manager. Any adjustments if applicable to your account will be made from the date the email is received by the account manager. The account manager’s email address is:

I accept that costume fees for the End of Year Concert routines are charged in quarterly amounts per term. Class cancellations, class changes & late registration dates can affect the quantity of quarterly costume fees charged per term. Dance Force endeavours to fairly amend the quarterly charges to reflect the number of costumes required. Class cancellations or class changes from term 3 onwards may affect Dance Force from amending or crediting the quarterly costume charge(s). Example; material or the costume may have been purchased prior to the class cancellation notification. Any credit for quarterly costume fees will be at Dance Force’s discretion. Credit will be issued as studio credit only and not refunded or redeem for cash.

I agree that the terms and conditions of trading shall be binding upon the student, its successors, executors, administrators, guarantors and permitted assigns and shall inure to the benefit of Dance Force, its successors & assigns.

I agree to the use of my or the student(s), name(s), credits, testimonials and any image or photograph taken by Dance Force, or supplied by me, for the purpose of promoting Dance Force.

I accept that the dance classes I or the student(s) undertake involves physical activity and I agree to release Dance Force from any responsibility for any injury I or the student(s) may sustain in the normal conduct of the class, rehearsals and performances, including course activities not on the Dance Force premises.

I accept that all email addresses I have supplied when registering will be added to Dance Force’s e-Newsletter. You can unsubscribe via the e-newsletter at any time.

I accept that Dance Force reserve the right to make changes to the above terms and conditions from time to time which will take effect immediately after you have received notification via email.