High School Academy

High school and dance program

The new addition of High School Academy at Dance Force in 2022 is exciting and feels like the natural progression for us. With so many dancers now looking for an alternative to mainstream school, we are focussed on delivering a program of excellence that will ensure the students are reaching their full potential.

Why choose Dance Force Academy for High School?

It’s no secret that mainstream school does not work for every student. Dancers/Creative thinkers are often left behind at school or considered disruptive. We at Dance Force Academy welcome individuals and will work with each student to bring out their best across both their academic studies and dancing.

Students’ at Dance Force High School Academy will be trained by leading professionals every day. We have a dedicated teacher in charge of all students who will assist and compliment your Distance Education program. Students will then learn from Australia’s leading choreographers.

Our Director, Nicole Wells is invested in each and every student. She loves what she does and wants nothing but the best for all at Dance Force. With this in mind, Nicole will provide our Academy students:

  • Exclusive Teachers
  • Flexibility to train after school at other studios
  • Access to a team of professionals
  • Weekly Interstate teachers and choreographers
  • Goal setting workshop
  • Caring environment
  • Unlimited afternoon classes included

Secure your spot now to be a part of this exciting Class of 2022.

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