Academic Excellence

Performing Arts High School Program

Our performing arts high school is designed for students who are dedicated and passionate about a career in the performing arts industry while still completing their education.

Dance Force works alongside the Australian Student Tutor network. This ensures small class sizes that give the students the individual attention needed to achieve the best academic results possible. Students will have one teacher per 5 students and class times will be scheduled into and around their full-time dance training.

Students who are accepted into our Academic Excellence full-time training program must independently enrol with Distance education. We suggest Cairns Distance Education but you may select another, just inform us.

There are different options for Vocational Education Training (VET) that will combine with your schooling. This will depend on dance experience, ability and capability. A personalised plan will be made by Nicole Wells upon enrolment.

Are you struggling to keep up with the workload of schooling and dancing commitments?

Our Performing Arts school is the answer

Are you in a constant battle to finish school but start your full-time training?

No problem, at Dance Force you can do both!

Will the academic excellence/ full-time program interfere with my home studio?

Absolutely not. You can still train with your home studio if you wish.

Will the workload be too much too handle?

Absolutely not, because you will be completing a Certificate IV with your 11 & 12 you are only required to do a few subjects.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.‍

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