Competition Team

Competition teams are designed for students who are passionate about dance and performing. This is for the dancer who is wanting to take their dancing more serious.

Dancers in our competition teams will be mentored to bring out their best and learn how to work both in a group and as individuals. Being a part of a competitive team is an amazing opportunity and teaches dancers the importance of supporting one another. They will participate in extra classes and additional genres and have the opportunity to perform and compete throughout the year. Dance Force aims to compete in competitions that nurture development often these competitions have workshop opportunities for our dancers.

If you would like the opportunity to be part of our competition team, send an email with your interest to receive information about our auditions. The auditions are held at the end of the year for the following year. They are nothing to be nervous about. It is like taking a regular class. If you are unsure of the time and commitment required for these classes, come along to the audition anyway. If accepted we will give you dates and commitment requirements and work out your best schedule for you. It is up to you then if you accept your position.

We allow students to audition for 2 age groups, but you must be part of your own age group. You can’t choose to just do the older age group. Age is as at 1st January.

We look forward to seeing many new members in our team next year.

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